Why The Atithi Devo Bhava Confex Series

The ancient Indian tradition of welcoming the guest as God is vibrantly alive. Hotels across our nation follow this tradition to ensure guest comfort at all levels - from the food to the bed.

Honouring this tradition, Express Food & Hospitality presents The Atithi Devo Bhava Confex Series - pan India Hospitality Conclaves in Tier 2/3 cities that discuss the challenges, opportunities and future of the hospitality business.

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April 2020
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Chain RestaurantOwners
Executive Chef fromRestaurant Chains
Hotel SecurityHeads

Topics of Discussion

Shortage of skilled manpower
Waste and water management
Leveraging technology for guest comfort
Security in hotels
Innovation in refrigeration
Challenges & Opportunities in Frozen Foods
Modern Kitchen Equipment
What Chefs want in their Kitchens
Food Styling and Modern Tableware
Smart Housekeeping/ Laundry Solutions
The Importance of Glassware in Showcasing Your Wines
The Organic Revolution
Renewable Energy: How it can help your Hotel reduce Costs

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